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The Chamber's Leadership program creates in its class participants a comprehensive and objective awareness of our community in action. The program fosters commitment to our region and develops leaders to meet the demands of the future. Since its inception in 1983, more than 1000 people have graduated from this distinguished and popular program, many of which are now prominent and influential leaders in the Rogue Valley. Many of the opportunities available to this group are exclusive to the Leadership Program and not open to the general public. This provides the participants with many unique, rare and interesting experiences.


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Join a Legacy of Leaders

Where one day each month, you will...

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  • Network with and develop long-term business relationships with others in the class.
  • Examine the major business sectors that contribute to the vibrancy and growth of Southern Oregon.
  • Participate in finding creative and insightful solutions to community needs.
  • Enhance the skills needed to become a decision-maker and leader in your community.
  • Discover how you and your organization can make a positive impact within your business interactions.


Need some financial support to participate? Submit a scholarship application!




8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.



Leadership Program Instruction & Orientation

Get to know your classmates, meet The Chamber staff, do some goal setting, and learn about the different boards, action teams, and committees around the Rogue Valley for you to get involved in.



Tourism in the Rogue Valley

Take a backstage look at some of the major tourist attractions in our area, learn what draws people from all over the world to our region, and learn just how many people come to the Rogue Valley by air each year.



Non-Profit Services

Get an intimate look at the quiet yet massive change makers scattered across Southern Oregon. Gain firsthand experience on what it’s like to handle community struggles and learn how to make an impact so that you can be a force for good.



Business & Industries

Explore and partner with local industries and operations that are key in providing employment in the Rogue Valley and recognize their global-reach.



Agriculture & Development

Take a detailed look at what’s growing in Southern Oregon. As we shift our city scapes to provide more jobs and boost our economy, our farmlands and world famous vineyards are also leading the way in taste and sustainability.



Media & Fire Safety

As seen on TV. Get ready for your close up as we discover what makes good news, and learn how to be in front of the camera. Later get to know the firefighters who keep Southern Oregon safe as you get hands-on training with the Medford Fire Department.



S.W.A.T. Day

Take an up close look at the measures put in place to keep our area of the world safe, and get personal with MPD and the SWAT team as you get to know their tactics and protocols.



Graduation Day

It’s time to celebrate! Congratulations on not only developing yourself further as the person you want to be, but strengthening your contributions as a leader and change maker in your community.


Who Participates in This Program?
In today’s fast-paced business environment, every employee needs to be prepared to take a leadership role whenever called upon. Emerging leaders of this community and those interested in moving their careers to the next level, find this program personally and professionally invaluable.What Are The Requirements?
A key program requirement is for the group to plan and execute a community service project selected by the class participants. In addition to participating in the class project, other requirements to graduate include the following:​ 

  • Attendance at 6 of the 8 sessions
  • Attend one meeting of the City Council, County Commissioner and School Board.​

When Does The Class Meet?
The program is comprised of eight educational sessions, which begins in September 2024 and concludes in May 2025. Participants meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month (8am-4pm) for a full day’s curriculum centered on a main topic area delivered via behind-the-scenes tours, hands-on demonstrations and interactive activities, lectures and briefings. Lunch is provided!


​For more information, contact our Leadership Director:​ Lydia Salvey at

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